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About Sunmudo

Harmonizing body and mind

Moving Seon(zen)

Sunmudo College


The view around Sunmudo college


The dormitory for Sunmudo students

The Sunmudo college, which is located in the headquarters of Sunmudo Golgulsa temple, is an educational institution where Sunmudo instructors are trained.

There is a workshop for Sunmudo students from 1st Dan, and a regular mandatory education gathering twice a year.

This college, which serves as a base for practicing Sunmudo and fostering professional leaders, aims to cultivate the 21st century master who guides the spiritual culture of mankind, based on Wonhyo's philosophy, and the idea of ‘perfecting oneself to perfect others.’

Sunmudo’s basic curriculum encompasses many classes like Sunmudo practical cultivation, Anapanasati sutra, the theory of Buddhism, Seon qigong, languages and traditional Korean cultures (song, calligraphy, tea ceremony, archery, horse riding).


Korean Traditional Martial Arts Competition

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