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About Sunmudo

Harmonizing body and mind

Moving Seon(zen)

Sunmudo Instructor Course


Sunmudo Instructor course is the program to train sunmudo instructors.

When finishing this course, you will receive the sunmudo junior instructor and seon yoga instructor certificate.


The program includes Seon martial arts, Seon stretching, Seon yoga, Seon qigong, Seon breathing, furthermore there are Buddhism, archery, horse riding, calligraphy, korean classical music, and traditional korean culture and art classes.


Sunmudo Instructor Course.

Find your true nature through the program, by harmonizing your body, mind and breath and become a great Sunmudo instructor, able to teach all around the world with humanistic leadership based on the program.

Whoever wants to practice, with age under 40 years old, regardless of nationality and gender, can apply to Golgulsa.

The program is free of charge after the applicant has had a trial period for one month first (trial period must be paid by the applicant).

▪ Seon yoga, meditation instructor course (1 year course)

▪ Sunmudo junior instructor course (2 year course)

▪ Programs to learn culture

   - Experience diverse traditional martial arts

   - English, French class for korean trainees

   - Korean class for foreign trainees

▪ Sunmudo

   • Seon martial arts

   • Seon stretching

   • Seon yoga

   • Seon qigong

   • Seon breathing

▪ Buddhist culture and art

   • Buddhis doctrine

   • Archery

   • Horse riding

   • Calligraphy

   • Korean classical music


▪ TEL. 82-54-745-0246, 744-1689   |   FAX. 82-54-746-0172

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