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About Sunmudo

Harmonizing body and mind

Moving Seon(zen)


What is Sunmudo


Sunmudo is to practice both Samatha, tranquility of mind, and Vipassana, the insight, in order to attain wisdom. They are taught in the Anapanasati sutra.


Bulgyo Geumgangyounggwan, the original name of Sunmudo, has been established by the Great Grand master Yangik (1934 - 2006) of Beomeosa temple in Busan. It is the traditional practice of Korean Buddhism and is in line with Samatha and Vipassana practice by a monk named Cheontaejieui of the Sui Dynasty of China.


Sunmudo is a practical method for enlightenment encompassing yoga and meditation.


Sunmudo is a zen practice which has been handed down for a long time in India, like Vipassana or Yoga. Everyone can learn it easily.


Nowadays, many people have a lot of stress and unbalance of the body that cause mental agony and physical disease.

They can recover their body and mind by practicing Sunmudo.

We can awaken and reach enlightenment by observing, purifying and harmonizing body, speech and thought.


Ultimately we are practicing Sunmudo to hope that everyone can attain liberation with an open mind and make oneness with the universe.

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