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Sunmudo Templestay

Golgulsa Templestay

Templestay with sunmudo


About Templestay


Golgulsa temple started templestay first in Korea.

Starting in 1992 with Sunmudo practice on weekends, Golgusa temple has been running templestay programs for 30years.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Religious Order of Buddhism started to run templestay programs in 2002. Golgulsa temple was actually runnning a program 10 years earlier than them.

Sunmudo Grand master Jeog Un was a Taekwondo instructor previously and was invited to international seminars in many countries to teach Seon meditation and Sunmudo, establishing good relationships with masters and practitioners. During their visits to South Korea for Taekwondo Dan tests and competitions, international practitioners would stay at Golgulsa temple to practice Sunmudo. This way, Golgulsa temple was able to develop cultural content and run templestay programs.

Sunmudo Grand master Jeog Un, the head monk of Golgulsa temple, has continuous partnerships and cultural exchanges with martial arts masters and instructors from many countries. Sunmudo Grand master Jeog Un realized that yoga and meditation could be part of the world promotion of Korean culture that makes people happy and healthy.

Golgulsa temple has been widely acknowledged as the No.1 temple in Korea receiving the highest number of templestay participants.

As Sunmudo and Golgulsa temple’s templestay program became more internationally known and popular the number of foreign templestay participants has grown to approximately 7,000 people per year.


Templestay Programs

Templestay Inquiry  82-54-755-1689


Group Templestay


Relaxation Templestay

Templestay relaxation experience to release stress, relax a tired body and recover the patient’s health

Templestay for purifying diseases and syndromes caused by too much stress and pollution.

You can achieve a better mindset and overall health by healing your exhausted body and mind through a regular experience of Templestay relaxation.


Experience Templestay


Long-term Relaxation Templestay

Templestay experiences are available for one to three nights where one can experience Sunmudo and temple culture individually or as part of a group.

You will have time to deeply observe yourself and relax while experiencing temple culture and Sunmudo training in an environment surrounded by nature.

Templestay to practice Seon meditation and Sunmudo deeply for developing the body and mind as well as health and mind cultivation.

Workshops for groups of school pupils, private schools, gymnasiums, enterprises and public service employees.

Templestay for foreign groups.

Golgulsa temple is running many programs for groups and is well-known in lots of domestic enterprises, educational institutions, etc...

Templestay Gallery

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