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Sunmudo Templestay

Golgulsa Templestay

Templestay with sunmudo


New Season Templestay Program

Special Weekend Templestay

(Treckking & Meditation-Mt.Hamweol or Toham & Gampo Beach...etc.)

special weekend

Weekend Templestay

(3N 2D or 2N 1D / Treckking & Meditation-Mt.Hamweol or Toham & Gampo Beach/ Fri.~Sun.)


This program is for 2nights 1day from Friday to Sunday.
Check- in is every Friday or Saturday by 1 p.m
On the morning of Saturday is going to mountain areas, Mt.Hamweol orToham.
On the morning of Sunday is subject to go Gampo beach, kkagjigil, jusangjeolli, Tomb of King Munmu.
Moreover, training Sunmudo at there.
Please come & join the activities to relax and recharge
your body and mind with Sunmudo practice in nature.

※ It's possible to change depending on the weather or the circumstance.

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Daytime visit

day time

Daytime Visit Templestay

The one is able to experience some activities for half a day.
If the one has a busy schedule, it is the best choice to join this program.

Relaxation templestay


Relaxation Templestay


As the unexpexted pandemic continues for a third year, people around the world are tired mentally and physically.
Starting WITH COVIC-19, we need more refresher for post-pandemic.
Pleas come & join us for relaxing your exhausted body and mind.
All of activities including Sunmudo makes you happy.

※ The schedule will be changed according to the temple's circumstance.

Moving Seon - Sunmudo! (Three Days Two Nights)

Moving Seon - Sunmudo! (Two Days One Night)

movign seon

Dynamic meditation -Sunmudo(Buddhist Martial Art)


At Golgulsa Temple, you are able to experience unique activities in natural surroundings of beautiful Mt. Hamwol-san.

Representative activity is Sunmudo. It is a traditional Korean meditative martial art.

It consists of five parts; Seon Meditation, Seon Yoga, Seon Qigong, Seon gymnastics, and Seon Martial Arts. It is a way of Moving Meditation, which serves to develop mindfulness through motions.

Also you are able to enjoy various programs such as Chanting services, 108 Prostrations, Dharma Talk with Buddhist monk over tea, Sitting Meditation and Walking Meditation, Admiring Sunmudo demonstration. (Except Mon.)


Optional activities with extra fee.

A. Riding Horse ( Mon.~Thur.)

B. Archery (Tue.~Sun.)

C. Special physical training (Tue.~Sat.),

D. Excursion (Only Sun.) near by the temple,


The programs are open to all age-groups.


※ The schedule will be changed according to the temple's circumstance.

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