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About Sunmudo

Harmonizing body and mind

Moving Seon(zen)

The Effect of Practice


Many people in the modern society have stress and bodily imbalances resulting in pain, suffering and disease; Sunmudo can help your exhausted body and mind recover.

Many people who experience Sunmudo report of its effectiveness for the health of body and mind.

Now, many lectures are given in Cha medical university and other universities to share the experience and effect of Sunmudo.


For women’s health

Sunmudo energizes the mind and body, helping with osteoarthritis, spinal correction, back pain, insomnia, indigestion, and depression.

It is very effective in preventing and treating obesity, constipation, and adult diseases.

It maintains elastic, smooth skin and a balanced body with a smooth flow of energy.

For workers

Sunmudo helps to release stress and fatigue that come from work overload.

They can be confident and show their abilities.

They become stronger and healthier through Sunmudo.

Adult diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes can be prevented.

​After giving birth to a baby, the imbalance of mind and body will be corrected and the energy will be restored.

Benefits for teenagers

Sunmudo helps young people create a good energy flow allowing the brain to develop efficiently and the body to be in balance.

It can improve our concentration, memory and reaction time to sudden changes of situation.

The teenagers can correct their constitution or posture in order to develop a healthier body.

Sunmudo with a fresh air and birds’ singing outside on weekends

You can practice Sunmudo outside around the valley, in the mountain or while enjoying trekking with your family to heal your body and mind in nature.

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