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About Golgulsa

Sunmudo Headquarters, Golgulsa



The headquarters of Sunmudo, Golgul temple

Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea 101-5, Girim-ro, Munmudaewang-myeon

TEL :  82-54-775-1689  |  FAX  : 82-54-746-0171  |  E-mail :

There is Andong Samgeori(three way intersection), the driveway of Golgulsa temple and Kirimsa temple, located 26km away from Gampo of the East sea, along Route 1 from Gyeongju city.

Following the road sign, turning to the left and walking 500m, and you will find Iljumun, the one pillar gate, right before a big stone with the name ‘Golgulsa’ on it.

​After passing the one pillar gate, Maeyeoraebul, the Buddha statue carved on the cliff and the stone cave temple located 700m away will welcome you with a gentle smile.

Within 20 minutes by car from Golgulsa temple, you can tour Kirimsa temple, Gameunsaji, Munmudaewangreung, Igyeondae, Janghangsaji, Seokguram.

By Express Bus.    

- From Seoul to Gyeongju Express Bus Terminal by express bus /Takes 4 hours

- From Gyeongju Express Bus & Inter-city Terminal to the temple

  a) Take any of these buses: No: 100 / 100-1 / 150 / 150-1 (Takes 50 mins)

    Get off at bus stop for “Andong/Girimsa/Golgulsa (안동/기림사/골굴사).” 

    Take the left road (there is a sign that says “Golgulsa”) at T-junction, keep walking for about 10-15 mins. 

  b) By taxi (Taking 40 mins.)

By Taxi.    

It takes 40 minutes by taxi from Gyeongju downtown

By Car.    

Gyeongju I.C → Bomun Tourist Complex → to the direction of Gampo (40 minutes from Gyeongju downtown)

By Domestic Airline. 

By Taxi: Takes less than 1 hr. from Ulsan Airport / Pohang Gyeongju Airport 

By KTX Train.

- From Seoul to Singyeongju Train Station by KTX / takes about 2 hours 5 mins.

- From Singyeongju Train Station to the temple

  a) By bus (Taking approximately less than 2 hrs.)

     Take any of these buses: No: 50, 51, 60, 70 & 700. Get off at the "Express Bus Terminal" & don't cross the road.

     Transfer to any of these busses: No: 100 / 100-1 / 150 / 150-1 (Takes 50 mins)

※ Public transportation timetable and frequency depend on the local situation.

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